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Architecture is a kind of world chronicle – it speaks when songs and legends are already silent.
N. V. Gogol

UVT Group have completed the design and construction of one of Kyiv’s best new bars – “Bezdel’Niki”. The Group, under the leadership of chief architect Alexei Agafonov performed all aspects of the work from architecture and MEP design to installation and commissioning.

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Authors Supervision Group of UVT Group monitors the execution of works on dismantling old structures of the ceiling and floor of KARAVAN Mall in Kyiv. The decision on the further execution of work is made right on the site and promptly transferred to the construction.

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UVT GROUP congratulates colleagues Alina Romanok and Alexey Onishchenko on the successful defense of their graduate architectural projects. The presented projects were wonderful. We are confident in the future of our former students. Making our country better!

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UVT GROUP has successfully developed a concept for the development of a pharmaceutical enterprise for a Portuguese investment company. The area allotted for building is 5 hectares, the construction area is 12,000 m2. The complex includes an office centre a laboratory, industrial premises, a warehouse complex and residential quarters for employees .

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In 2016, UVT GROUP company, headed by CEO Andriy Antonenko , and Chief Architect Oleksiy Agafonov signed a contract for the development of project documentation for the new terminal KP Zaporizhzhia International Airport. To create a project according to international standards it was decided to conduct all the design in BIM. Before the company had many years of unique experience in the implementation of BIM technologies but there was no complex project of this magnitude not only in the company's portfolio but also in whole Ukraine at all.

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The chief architect of the project and UVT GROUP Alexey Agafonov successfully monitors the implementation of design solutions by Altis-Construction (general contractor). Work is continuing with the installation of decorative facade, which will be the visiting card of the new airport in Zaporizhzhya.

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UVT Group has been appointed as general designer and construction manager for the design of the new terminal of Zaporizhia International Airport. The new terminal will serve 400 people per hour and has an area of 12300 m2 and will be equipped with the latest systems for energy saving, safety and the control of passengers. The project has been fully designed using Building Information Modelling, and with VR technology to aid visualisation.

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One of our projects in 2018 was the re-design of the office of Skylum – Ukraine’s largest IT outstaffing company.. The project was so successful that the office is now regularly used for fashion photo shoots.

UVT GROUP under chief architect Aleksey Agafonov provided interior design, maintenance work and engineering solutions. Here you can see a few of the subsequent photos from the fashion shoots. We design projects for a better life.

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