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Architecture is a kind of world chronicle – it speaks when songs and legends are already silent.
N. V. Gogol

UVT GROUP - has successfully developed a concept for the development of a pharmaceutical enterprise for a Portuguese investment company. The area allotted for building is 5 hectares, the construction area is 12,000 m2. The complex includes an office part, a laboratory, an industrial part and a warehouse complex. On the territory of the company houses for permanent residence of staff.

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UVT Group is engaged in the general design of the new terminal of Zaporizhia International Airport. The new terminal will serve 400 people per hour and has an area of 12300 m2. It will be equipped with modern systems of energy saving, safety and control of passengers. The project was fully implemented using BIM modeling, as well as VR technology was introduced.

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One of our projects in 2018 was the office of the Skylum company. It is the leading company that develops software for editing pictures. The project was so successful that the office regularly held photo shoots for the fashion business.

Interior Design, maintenance work and engineering solutions were made by UVT GROUP, by chief architect Alexei Agafonov. Below are a few photos of photo shoots. We design projects for a better life.

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UVT GROUP has successfully implemented the concept of development of the airport "Antonov". Concept provides building a new terminal with a capacity of 1 million passengers per year, construction of a cargo terminal and maintenance hangar. We hope GP "Antonov" will be able to implement these plans.

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UVT Group has successfully passed the state expert examination in building a new international terminal in Zaporizhia. The project is of the highest level of complexity. Yesterday we reported the examination results to our customer, Biskupskiy Viktor Grigorievich, the director of International airport of Zaporizhia.

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The photo section of the project "Assessment of the impact on the environment". We worked very well, so the environmental expertise of the project "Construction of a new terminal and service facilities of Zaporizhia International Airport" was successfully passed. The project is confidently moving forward.

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In March 2017 UVT Group presented a project of reconstruction and development of international terminal Ivano-Frankovsk. The project was preliminarily agreed with the managing company of the airport. The region has a significant potential of growth as Bukovel is popular all over the world. We hope the renovated terminal will become a new visit card of this region and an interesting task for our company.

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