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Outstaffing - value, ease and performance

Ukraine is a major centre for design IT outsourcing and outstaffing, a market which will reach an estimated $5.4 billion by 2020. The country perfectly epitomizes the balance between high quality labour, excellent cost and added value which is why 20% of the world’s leading companies now have offices based in Ukraine, among them Microsoft, Samsung, ABBY, Huawei and others.

UVT work with other engineering design partners to develop their businesses and BIM capabilities. In outstaffing we hire qualified BIM technicians to work under the direction of the partner, whilst taking care of all office, equipment and software arrangements for the team to operate and managing employee salaries, tax and benefits.

Our BIM teams don’t replace your in-house team but compliment and expand their capabilities. We work in English managing work together through efficient organised online CRM systems so our teams are well integrated.

Through BIM outstaffing we enable companies to take on larger projects, do more for less, and work more efficiently through increased parallel work streams. With only 2 hours time difference from GMT (London), working with UVT in Ukraine is convenient and comfortable.

What we do:

BIM Modelling Drafting

Turn your 2D drawing into 3D BIM. We provide drafting services so your project benefits from BIM’s enhanced work capabilities.

BIM Outstaffing/Outsourcing

Expand your business with outstaffing . We set up and co-ordinate BIM teams to enable you to grow faster and easier.

VR & 3D Rendering

Show your future concept now in enhanced reality . We make VR & 3D models to give you confidence in your design and investment.

Object Library Design

Create and manage BIM Object libraries for your products and equipment. We build you into the BIM supply chain so your products are accessible and up to date for use.

BIM Modelling

  • Terminal of Airport

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